• Zainullah Hotak Kabul Education University, Kabul, Afghanistan


Role of principal in schools, Effective leadership, Effective educational leader


This paper describes the role of school principal as an effective educational leader means how an educational leader can make a satisfied environment and motivate stakeholders for achieving educational vision and goals, and also, try to define not only the qualities of effective leadership but the influence of leadership on the operation of schools, and even on student achievement. More specifically, this paper focus attention on, The basics of successful and effective educational leadership task (setting direction, developing people and Redesigning the organization), broad goals for school leaders. This is a descriptive paper in which data or information collected from different sources like, personal opinion, researches done in a relevant area, field experts opinion, news.  More attention given to none development or third world countries because, on the one hand, the resources (human, financial, physical, …..) are limited on the other hand, demand for schooling and education is in the high level and also, in development countries people give  more attention to specialization and quality education. So, nowadays coping with such a complicated situation and educational environment is not an easy task to handle schools, it requires highly and well-educated leaders and managers. Furthermore, educational leadership influences human resources and has a strong impact on other kinds of resources in many countries they spend more money but, quality education is not happening or achievement of educational goals are faced with many difficulties or even the organizations are not able to meet education settled goals. There may be many reasons as well but, the major reason is a lack of effective leadership and management in such kind of organizations. In the end, this article summarizes effective leadership in schools and gives some practical suggestions for principals for effective educational leadership.


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