Kurdish EFL learners’ conceptual transfer in L2 writing

  • Jamal Ali Omar University of Raparin/Ranya, Iraq



The phenomenon of language transfer in SLA learning and use is perennial and cannot be silenced easily. In L2 writing, the phenomenon is found to affect the written products sound nonnative and, even ambiguous. It is thought that the transfer occurs at the conceptual and structural level of language use. The present paper examines Kurdish EFL learners’ writing aiming at identifying transfer types, particularly, the negative transfer. To this end, 20 university level English major students argumentative writing are analyzed focusing on the conjuncts and adjuncts to find out any track of L1 concepts. The logical clause relationship of cause-effect was the area of focus. The results of the study showed that L1 concepts have been used in forming the relations between sentences and clauses spelt out by lexical signals of sentence connectors and subordinators. It is also found that L1 concepts transferred into L2 writing. The insights gained from the results of the study reveal that there is a problem, especially the negative influence of L1, which needs to be attended. 

Author Biography

Jamal Ali Omar, University of Raparin/Ranya, Iraq

Jamal Ali Omar is a lecturer at English Department/College of Basic Education, University of Raparin in Kurdistan Region in Northern Iraq. He has PhD in Linguistics from Beirut Arab University/Lebanon. His area of interest is Language Transfer, Second Language Acquisition and L2 writing.

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Omar, J. A. (2018). Kurdish EFL learners’ conceptual transfer in L2 writing. Journal of Education Culture and Society, 9(1), 163-172. https://doi.org/10.15503/jecs20181.163.172